Draft Climate Action Plan Released for Public Comment!

Today, the Climate Stewardship Council, in partnership with Mayor Bronin’s Sustainability Office, is proud to announce that it is releasing the draft of Hartford’s first Climate Action Plan for public review and comment! 

Since April 2016, the Climate Stewardship Council began meeting as a working group of the City’s Planning & Zoning Commission. Among other things, it set out to draft a Climate Action Plan that embodies the shared values and goals of our residents and businesses as we work together to tackle climate change.

This Draft Climate Action Plan identifies 6 interconnected action areas: Energy, Food, Landscape, Transportation, Waste, and Water.  Our hope is to make incremental but consistent progress in each of these areas, using the resources that are available to us and making decisions that are consistent with our 3 shared values. Those shared values are: Public Health, Economic Development, and Social Equity.

We welcome your feedback! Please provide comment between now and Labor Day through our online comment form. And sign up for future updates on our mailing list.

For more about recent achievements of the Climate Stewardship Council, please consult its annual report.