The Climate Stewardship Initiative is an inclusive, community-wide effort led by Mayor Luke Bronin (through the Office of Sustainability) and the Climate Stewardship Council. Together, we aim to advance the city’s economy, improve public health and quality of life, and promote social equity while becoming a global leader in environmental stewardship.

In 2017, Mayor Bronin created a Office of Sustainability which is exclusively externally funded by grants.  The Office of Sustainability includes a Sustainability Coordinator, Green Infrastructure Specialist, and Green Infrastructure Assistant. In addition, representatives from the Departments of Public Works and Development Services, as well as Hartford Public Schools are active in the Climate Stewardship Initiative.

The Climate Stewardship Council is the sustainability task force for the City of Hartford. It brings together nonprofit institutions, regional and state governments, and private businesses from the Hartford region. Among other groups, it includes representatives of an umbrella organization convening neighborhood associations citywide (Hartford 2000), as well the Food Policy Advisory Commission, Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, Planning & Zoning Commission, Redevelopment Agency, and Tree Commission. A full list of participants is available here.

Students and professors from UConn Law School, UConn Business School, UConn StorrsTrinity College, and UC-Berkeley have provided invaluable research support and assistance. Click here for information on applying for an internship.

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